Sun|day «SUHN dee, -day», noun, adjective.
1. the first day of the week.
2. the day of rest and worship for most Christians; the Christian Sabbath.
1. of, taking place on, or characteristic of Sunday: »

a Sunday concert, a Sunday picnic.

2. not everyday or regular; off-and-on; occasional: »

a Sunday driver, Sunday painters.

[Old English sunnandæg, ultimately translation of Latin diēs sōlis day of the sun, translation of Late Greek hēméra hēlíou]
Usage Sunday, Sabbath are not true synonyms. Sunday is the name of the first day of the week, which is generally observed among Christians as a day of worship and rest from ordinary business. Sabbath, literally meaning a time of rest from work, applies to the seventh day of the week (Saturday) among the Jews and some Christians. But it is commonly applied to Sunday in the religious sense of a day for abstaining from work or activity of any kind except religious: »

Some keep the Sabbath going to church—I keep it staying at home (Emily Dickinson).

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